So, we’ve tried this combination in the past.  The recipe I used back then was messy and labor intensive.  It was tasty, but we never made it again.  That was a few years ago.  When I came across this easier-looking, oven-baked version, I knew I had to give it one more try.

Wow, am I glad I did.

It’s SO GOOD.  I mean… I look at the picture and drool.  It’s just wrong to feel that way about cauliflower. And yet, it’s that good.

We’ve made this recipe twice so far.  The second time, we only did half the batch in buffalo sauce.  For the other half, we used Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce so that the Squish could enjoy some.  It was still good, but I think a more tangy, less sweet barbecue sauce would work better.  Nonetheless, Arthur devoured his portion.

I think there are a lot of other variations you could make.  Here are a few the Hubs and I discussed while eating:

  • Garlic butter “wings”
  • Any other pre-bottled wing sauce.
  • Meatless sweet-and-sour, orange, kung pao, etc. chicken
  • Roll in parmesan and dip in marinara sauce for “cauliflower parmesan”
  • Add seasonings to the breading for meatless fried chicken/chicken nuggets.
  • Use on top of salad or in a wrap in place of grilled or fried chicken.

It seems like a great starting point for a lot of different recipes.

In addition to how tasty it was, this meal was also easy to put together.  I think active cooking time was around 15 minutes, possibly less.

While we’d never give up meat entirely, I would like to start incorporating more meatless meals into our diets, for both health and budgetary reasons.  Meat is expensive!  With that in mind, this is a pretty frugal recipe.  I didn’t do a complete cost breakdown, but I would estimate we spent around $4 to feed all three of us.

The Hubs and I have agreed that this needs to be a regular menu item for us.  We had it last night and I already want to make it again. Mmmm.

Seriously: however you choose to make this… I highly recommend it. Give it a shot, and be sure to come back and tell me how you liked it!

Click here to see the full recipe at Spend With Pennies.